Security Screen for Australia Window/Door Screen Project

A piece of security screen on the gray background.

01: Security screen has solid structure, which is hard to be broken.


  • Country: Australia.
  • Product: Security screen.
  • Quantity: 100 pieces.

Our client is an designer for doors and windows in Australia. He wanted to purchase a security screen to defend thieves and secure the security of residence. And he gave us the requirement about the products:

  • Material: stainless steel 304.
  • Wire diameter: 0.8 mm.
  • Opening size: 11 mesh.
  • Panel size: 750 mm × 1000 mm.


  • About package
    Our client told us that we must ensure the products are perfect packed to ensure the products were in good condition when he received that. We told him that we would packed the security screen by wooden cases, which is solid enough to bear the weather and impact during transporting. He accept that.
  • About shipping
    Because the quantity was small, so the shipping way was LCL, which was economical but the time was longer than other ways.
  • About installation
    Our client asked us how he can cut the security screen and how to install them. We told him that the security screen could be cut into any sizes just by scissors. He needed the sealing strip to be used with security screen.
A hand is cutting the security screen by scissors.

02: Security screen can be cut into pieces by scissors.

A hand is holding a sealing strip and the other sealing strip on the ground.

03: Security screen should be used with sealing strip.

A hand is measuring the security screen wire diameter.

04: Wire diameter measurement.

Two hands are measuring the security screen mesh size.

05: Mesh size measurement.


The package is perfect and the products are in good quality, they will test the availability in the window and door. Once passing the test, they will order more products from us.

Security screens are installed on the door.

06: Security screen has high strength to prevent thieves from entering.

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