Micro Mesh – Easy to Clean Only Rinsed with Clear Water

Micro mesh screen is made of polyester that conforms to EU environmental standards. And it is processed by anti static technology which makes it can't absorb dust.

With clean surface and good transmittance, micro wire screen mesh is a great option for invisible window screen. What's more, we can get natural light easily through micro wire mesh to enjoy a comfortable indoor environment.

There is a micro mesh sheet in black color.

MIC-01: Micro mesh has uniform and fine mesh.

there is a micro mesh cloth with one finger on it.

MIC-02: Micro mesh cloth has excellent transparency.

Specifications of micro mesh screen:

  • Material: polyester.
  • Mesh count: 35 mesh.
  • Wire diameter: 0.22 mm.
  • Opening: 500 μm.
  • Width: 1.2 m, 1.4 m, 1.5 m, 1.6 m.
  • Length: 30 m, 50 m, 90 m.
  • Color: black.

Micro mesh screen features:

  • Not easy to be contaminated with dust.
  • Do not have to brush, only cleaned by vacuum cleaner or clear water.
  • Good ventilation and high-definition.

Micro mesh applications:

  • Designed into a variety of window screens according to your requirements.
  • Used in New Zealand ranch, Argentine ranch or European pasture.
There is a micro mesh screen beside with a lot of falling dust.

MIC-03: It is easy to flick dust off the micro mesh.

There is a photo about comparison between micro mesh and another screen.

MIC-04: Micro mesh is not easy to covered with a lot of dust.

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