Fiberglass Mesh is Flame Retardant and Has Strong Toughness

Fiberglass mesh is made from glass fiber and PVC resin that is pollution-free. It contains anti-UV composition and shows good sunshade and ventilation effect.

With excellent fireproof and corrosion-resistant, fiberglass screen mesh can be used for invisible window screens, security fly screens or fireproof screens in some industry workshops.

There is a fiberglass insect screen mesh sample.

FIM-01: Fiberglass mesh has accurate sizes.

There is a fiberglass window screen mesh sheet.

FIM-02: Fiberglass screen mesh has good flexibility.

Specifications of fiberglass mesh:

  • Material: glass fiber and PVC resin.
  • Type:
    • Regular size: 15 × 17 mesh (105 g/m2), 16 × 18 mesh (120 g/m2), 20 × 20 mesh (130 g/m2).
    • Customized: 22 × 22 mesh (145 g/m2), 25 × 25 mesh (165 g/m2).
  • Wire diameter: 0.2 mm.
  • Width: 0.6–3.0 m or 1.96–9.84 ft.
  • Length: 30 m, 100 m, 300 m or 100 ft., 300 ft.
  • Color: black, gray, white, off-white, brown, green, blue.

Fiberglass screen mesh features:

  • Very good fireproof, flame retardant.
  • Anti-UV and invisibility.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Long service life.

Fiberglass mesh screen applications:

  • Window or door insect screen, protection screen.
  • Used for invisible screen.
  • As an important part of outdoor tent.
There is a roll of gray fiberglass mesh screen.

FIM-03: Fiberglass screen mesh is supplied in rolls that can be customized length.

There are three fiberglass rolls, followed by black, white and gray from left to right.

FIM-04: Fiber screen mesh can be various colors.

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