304 Security Screen Keeps Thief and Insect out, Lets Fresh Air in

304 grade stainless steel mesh made from 0.9 mm thick wire with 11 mesh pattern is the best security mesh screen available on the market for secure doors, windows and outdoor areas from intruders and flies, mosquitoes and other pests.

The 0.9 mm thick 304 security screen ensures that it is harder to cut through or penetrate. If you kick at the mesh repeatedly, you can not break through it, but you will injure yourself. This heavy duty 304 mesh with black power coated has more anti-corrosion function.

Apart from high strength and anti-corrosion, the black 304 stainless steel mesh has other two import benefit. First, if you in the room, it gives you a clear and unobstructed view of the outdoor, but viewers can not peep your privacy from outside. Second, as a security screen mesh it allows the free flow and circulation of fresh air for your comfort.


  • Materials: GB 304 stainless steel.
  • Wire diameter: 0.90 mm.
  • Model (mesh count): 10 mesh, 11 mesh, 12 mesh, 14 mesh, 18 mesh.
  • Width: 0.8–1.5 m.
  • Length: 2.4 m / 31.5 m.
  • Color: black, gray, silver, light gray.
  • Service life: guarantee 10 years.
  • Packing:
    • 5 pieces in one carton box, then 10 carton boxes in one wooden case or 25/50 pieces per wooden case.
    • In fumigation-free wooden cases.
A pieces of black stainless steel 304 security screen.

TSE-01: Stainless steel 304 security screen with black powder coated.

Stainless steel mesh screen is handing up before powder coated in workshop.

TSE-02: Stainless steel screen and powder boxes.

In our security screen workshop, many screens are being hung up after powder coated.

TSE-03: Security screen powder coated workshop.

Security screen sheets are wrapped by plastic waterproof paper, then packaged in wooden box.

TSE-04: Security screen package: wrapped by plastic waterproof paper and into wooden box.

A piece of black stainless steel security mesh with a white label marked 14 mesh × 0.5 and 304.

TSE-05: 304 stainless steel security screen: 14 mesh × 0.5 mm wire diameter.

A piece of black stainless steel security mesh with a white label marked 12 mesh × 0.7 and 304.

TSE-06: 304 stainless steel security screen: 12 mesh × 0.7 mm wire diameter.

A piece of gray stainless steel security mesh with a white label marked 14 mesh × 0.55 and 304.

TSE-07: 304 stainless steel security screen: 14 mesh × 0.55 mm wire diameter.

Two pieces of security screen are placed together beside a metal coin: one in black and one in gray.

TSE-08: We can provide security screen in black and gray color.

Many rolls of stainless steel screens wrapped with plastic film.

TSE-09: Security screen rolls in plastic film package.

Security mesh screen with wooden box package and tied with green wires.

TSE-10: Security screen is packaged in wooden box in workshop.

Benefits and Features:

  • Excellent resistance to corrosion and impact.
  • Quality meets the demands of GB/T 1220–2007 Stainless Steel Rod standard grade.
  • Good privacy protection and aesthetic effect.
  • Easy to install with flat and straight surface.
  • Good air circulation & high quality daylighting.
A cutter is scratching a piece of security screen.

TSE-11: Security screen features scratching resistance.

A dagger is stabbing a piece of security screen.

TSE-12: Security screen features stabbing resistance.

A scissor is cutting a piece of security screen.

TSE-13: Security screen features cutting resistance.

A hammer is beating a piece of security screen.

TSE-14: Security screen features beating resistance.

Comparision between 304 secruity mesh and 316L security mesh:

Because 304 grade security mesh screen with 0.9 mm wire is thicker than 0.8 mm 316 mesh. So, 304 stainless steel security screen is stronger and wear resistance than 316, maintaining the corrosion resistant qualities, but 304 grade stainless steel is less brittle than 316.

304 Security Screening is ideal for secure window/door screen and safe swimming pool fence.

High strength 304 stainless security screen with elegant appearance is mainly used as security windows and door for guarding your house and office, having the anti-theft, anti-insect and ventilation performance.

The 304 security screen is also suitable for an attractive and durable swimming pool fencing alternative to glass that eliminates glare and is easier to clean. This stainless steel mesh pool fencing not only look great, but have enough quality and safety for your family and children.

Security doors screen for house, in the room we can see a swimming pool in the yard.

TSE-15: Security screen for home door keeps air circulation and high quality daylighting.

The picture shows the 304 crime safe screens are installed on the shutters.

TSE-16: 304 security screen installed offers impact protection of shutters.

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