Polyester Mesh Has Excellent Windproof and Anti-aging Performance

Polyester mesh screen is made from polyester fiber that is a kind of high quality clothing fabric. It is environmentally friendly and no peculiar smell, so it is a great choice for insect invisible window screen.

Polyester mesh screen can work well in extreme conditions, such as it still can't crack in cold area, and will not be melted in hot area. And it has seven years of service life for window screen, components of bags, etc.

There is a piece of white polyester mesh screen.

POM-01: Polyester mesh screen has good resistance to extreme conditions.

There is a white polyester mesh screen roll.

POM-02: White polyester netting has good invisible effect.

Specifications of polyester mesh window screen:

  • Material: polyester fiber.
  • Mesh and weight: 16 × 15 mesh (100 g/m2), 18 × 18 mesh (105 g/m2).
  • Wire diameter: 0.18 mm.
  • Width: 0.8–1.8 m.
  • Length: 30 m or 100 m.
  • Color: black, gray, white, green.

Polyester mesh insect screen features:

  • Superior toughness and abrasion-resistant, tearing-resistant.
  • Anti-aging and not crack in cold area, and not melted in hot area.
  • Cost-effective, pollution-free and anti-UV.
  • Good durability and windproof.
  • Service life up to 7 years.

Polyester mesh applications:

  • Invisible mosquito screen, or made into outdoor tent.
  • Used for components of luggage and shoes.
There is a gray polyester mesh roll.

POM-03: Polyester mesh screen can be gray.

There are two polyester mesh rolls whose color is gray and white from left to right.

POM-04: Polyester mesh window screen can be gray, white or other customized colors.

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